Lily, Queen of the Fairies, invites you to share your experience on the Aliso Summit Fairy Trail.  Feel free to share your experience on this website (photos, videos or essays) by sending them to us at or on Facebook.   

The fairies just love recieving notes and special gifts from visitors to their homes.  Check out this LINK for some of the notes and special drawings that they recieved.

“Fairies of Laguna”,  Annie M. Holland   April 2, 2017

“Fairy Hunting”, Jandals and Jet Planes   June 15, 2017

OC MOM BLOG: Aliso Summit Fairy Trail,  June 4, 2017

Trail Inspectors & Local Curmudgeons by Kerry Ashkenaze, April 2017

Aliso Fairy Trail by Atlas Obscura, March 2017 © 2017