Hi, my name is Andreas and I am a “fairyologist” who has lived along the Aliso Summit Fairy Trail since 2010.  A “fairyologist" is someone who studies the fairy doors and helps share them with others.  I really enjoy photographing and video taping the rich ecology, wildlife and weather of the Aliso and Woods Canyon and other parts of South Orange County.  Some of you may have seen me taking pictures or video taping sunsets, Pacific storms, and squirrels and birds at the feeders from our backyard along the trail (yes, sometimes with a glass of wine at sunset).   People often ask me about when and why I first become a fairyologist?  After a back surgery in 2015, I needed something that would get me back on my feet.  The walks on the trail two to three times a day were just what the doctor ordered.  It was during that time that I felt the magic and healing powers of the trail.  

Serendipity is always a great sign I am on right path… it was not a surprise then for me to remember that my history with the canyon goes back to my childhood when my mom and dad first brought me here.  Born in Los Angeles, I fondly remember vacationing with my family on summer weekends at Ben Brown’s Motel & Golf Course, a family-style hotel that was once located in the Aliso and Woods Canyon.   I loved exploring the rock formations in the canyon, swimming in the pool, building tents and sandcastles with my older brother and sister on Aliso Beach, and learning about the birds and other animals in the canyon.  It was magical. Although the beach cities of Dana Point, Laguna Beach and Laguna Niguel have expanded and changed since the 1970’s, I still see the Aliso and Woods Canyon as untouched and magical as it was when I was a child.  

                                      Aliso Beach 1974-1976  (My Brother, Sister, and Me)  

On every trail walk, I always discover something new and amazing, and enjoy meeting neighbors, visitors to the trail, and even other fairyologists.  If you see me on the trail, please say hello as I’d love to meet you and hear your story!


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